Transforming in the Age of Industry Disruption

“Facing a dynamic and disruptive age, the automotive industry is constantly reshaping itself. Altair works with clients across the automotive value chain to address these challenges. We help management to make key decisions that generate profitable and sustainable growth”

Our Insights

The automotive industry is faced with especially demanding strategic questions ranging from portfolio composition to future mobility business models.



“New players from other sectors are entering, and the traditional value chain is under threat”

New technologies and mobility offerings are redefining the way we use and drive vehicles. New players from other sectors are entering, and the traditional value chain is under threat.


The decisions automotive companies make today will determine winners and losers in the coming decades. More than ever, streamlining operations, building new capabilities, diversification and partnerships becomes crucial to offset high investments in technology, capacity and talent.

As the industry faces constant changes —new players, new markets, varied customer demands, and increasingly complex supply chains —we help auto manufacturers to develop the capabilities and strategies necessary to succeed.


Regardless of the specific challenge, Altair’s overriding goal is to provide clients with improved productivity, enhanced innovation, and better performance.

Our Approach


“Seizing Market Opportunities for Long-Term Growth”


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