Letter from the Partners

Altair Management Consultants is a firm in the spirit of a high value-added boutique. The essence of our activity could be defined as “Management Engineers”. We have the ability and professional experience to understand the key factors in business management in order to identify the potential value-added areas and manage their effective implementation.

Our clients are top executives and managing directors who require resolving with quality and competence their key agenda topics in strategy, organization, marketing-sales and operations. Our relationship with our clients is based on trust and independence. Trust: always acting according to our clients’ interests and with a long-term relationship vision. Independence: our recommendations’ contents show the business reality as we see it.

Our management consultants have the vocation to be, as Leonardo da Vinci was, true “Renaissance Men”. Being a consultant in ALTAIR  requires a never-ending passion and self-exigency to develop in an integrated manner both knowledge in management and the experience in several public and private sectors.

Our vision is to become an excellent firm in the management consulting sector with capabilities to operate in the global market. The team of partners wishes to perpetuate ALTAIR in order to leave it in the hands of our next generation of partners, who are forging their career within our company. Our commitment is complete with our clients, with our firm and with all our team.

José Luis Galí & Juan Carlos Martínez

Socios Altair